marți, 29 iunie 2010

Originall Make-up

It`s a makeup for day.
It`s original created by me

Hot Buys Top

This Top is Hotbuys!You can buy it at 10 stardollars. Good Look !

The New CoverGirl

The New Covergirl is pretty. She is from Britain. What you think about her?


These sales are 50%. Nice clothes are at very low prices.
`Very cool!

duminică, 27 iunie 2010

Hot Buys Shorts

These trousers are suuper. Can be purchased only at the price of 7stardollars.
There `s so they are nice?

This is the ouftit created by me

It's a nice ouftit. Not very sophisticated.
It is for  night club.


These ten HotBuys are very nice. You can easily make a nice ouftit at a price not too high.

The new hot ouftit

It is the coolest ouftit. It `s not so cool?

The new covergirl

Today is a new poll

Skull and Lollipop

If you are from UK click HERE and choose.

2) in URL bar.
3)Erase from the proxy the previous adress and paste:


For the Lollipop this:

or for the Skull this:

4) Wait a wile till the page loads and go to normal stardoll

vineri, 25 iunie 2010


Hot summer blowout

Can't wait to see what the Gift-O-Meter prizes will be for the final week? Thanks to Stardoll's Top Designers for the sneak peek!

Also, don't forget, today is the last day you can enter the dress up competition - click here to enter. Entries will be judged and winners posted tomorrow.

So, what do you think of the new clothes? Will you be buying? What are your favourite pieces? And do you like the new Gift-O-Meter prizes

miercuri, 23 iunie 2010

duminică, 20 iunie 2010


Also, the new shop we've been waiting for, Stylein has arrived. It will only be open for two weeks, from 15th - 29th June.

New hairstyles

Also, new hairstyles have arrived in MeDoll Editor. I love them, what do you think?

(Image from Underneath Stardoll)

New Splash + Stylein + Spoilers!

There are two new floors in Splash. This time there is a bikini for non-superstars too! And it's actually one of the nicest in my opinion.


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