sâmbătă, 29 ianuarie 2011

Are you a princess?

If you want a DISNEYSTARDOLL ...look at this outfit...Is for PRINCESS :X I like the outfit becouse I create him but i don't like the DISNEYSTARDOLL..What do you think? Look at the outfit please..It is  from Pretty and Pink :X

See you soon!

miercuri, 26 ianuarie 2011

Make up tip :>

A new make-up comes :X. It isn't perfect..I'm sorry but i haven't got time :( Look!

First step:
A purple Doree hair color and a red lipstick from Doth

Second step:

White mascara+"pink" arctic line from DOTH

Thirth step:
A pink-purple eye shadow from DOTH

Forth step :
A white and purple eye shadow from LUXE and a "incolore" lipstick :X..and..this is all...

Inna make-up :>

Who wants to have a "Inna look" ? I like them :D..

luni, 24 ianuarie 2011

Hot Buys Cotton bag is released!

   So..You can see this bag in Starplaza ..You can buy them from Pretty in Punk at only 9 stardollars. It`s very pretty and colorful. I think i`ll buy one, because i really like it.
 Thanks to SDC for the photo.

What do you think about this? Say it in a comment.

joi, 20 ianuarie 2011

Make-up tip :X

I have a new ideea about "make-up" This is my ideea:

I hope you like it! It's very simple to make it. Look!

1.A pink gloss from LUXE and a pink eye dust :X

2.A lip gloss from LUXE

3.An arctic eye liner [pink] and a white mascara

4.A pink Legacy Blush ..And..this is All :X :X

miercuri, 19 ianuarie 2011


If you want a beautiful dress from Avril go to zmien.info or proxyhideout.com or ukryj.info/ or http://proxy.trash.pl/

Paste this link into the box: http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/view.php?id=892 and hit go/browse

Log in, then paste this link into the box http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=892


duminică, 16 ianuarie 2011

Make-up tip :X

My first post on this blog is about MAKE-UP.The principal color in my example is purple-pink..Look!
1.A red lipstick from LUXE + a "Frozen eye dust" from Luxe

2. A inclore gloss from Luxe

3.A liquid liner [white] from doth+ a volumising mascara from DOTH :D

4. This is all ..:X :X I hope you like it :X

sâmbătă, 15 ianuarie 2011

Free Skirt!

Go to proxyhideout.com 
Paste in proxy bar: http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/view.php?id=888
Log in, then paste in proxy bar:
Wait a wile till page loads, log off, then go to Stardoll as usual.

Source Stardoll Chanel

Hot Buys Feather Pants released.


 Hey. This pants can be bought from Fallen Angel, only at 13 stardollars. 
Is amazing. There are beautifoul. I really like it.

    Do you like it? Leave a comment here.

New Antidote!

                                                             3 new full floors of Antidote.
                                                                       I reealy like soo much this collection.

                                                                    What do you think about this? Leave a comment.
                                                Source Stardoll Chanel

New writer!

 Hey. I found a new writer. Her name is Ioana [yopz in stardoll]. She will make many make-ups. Welcome Ioana. 

vineri, 14 ianuarie 2011


I didn`t post because I was busy, and now I decided to return.
I search a writer for this blog....who want ..leave a comment here.